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Courtney’s provides expert heating repair, furnace installation, and heating maintenance services to St. Louis and the surrounding areas year-round.

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Heating Services in St. Louis

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Heating Services

Repair – Replacement – Maintenance

Faulty furnace? Old heat pump? No matter what the issue is, Courtney’s will ensure you aren’t left out in the cold this winter. Courtney’s Heating & Cooling has your repair or replacement solution.

What Can We Do For You?

  • Natural gas, propane, and electric furnaces: There are many kinds of furnaces on the market. Good thing our technicians are experts when it comes to all things furnace! No matter your needs, Courtney’s has you covered.
  • Steam and water boilers: The last thing you need this winter is a freezing cold shower. If your boiler breaks down, don’t stress! Courtney’s Heating & Cooling performs boiler repairs, replacements, maintenance, and inspections.
  • Heat pumps: A broken or damaged heat pump can slip under the radar in the summertime, but cause some serious discomfort when winter arrives. Whether this is the case for you, or you want to get ahead on making sure everything is working properly, give Courtney’s a call!
  • Rooftop units: Rooftop units can be difficult to reach and repair. Our technicians are able to safely maneuver to your unit and perform any necessary services with little to no disruption to you or your family.
  • Zoning and ductless mini split systems: Courtney’s is happy to help with installing, repairing, or inspecting your zoning or ductless mini split system.
  • Ductwork installation and modifications: If you have a traditional HVAC unit, properly placed, functioning ducts are a must.
  • Wi-Fi/smartphone thermostats: Controlling your thermostat from your phone or laptop seems like a dream. Courtney’s can help that dream come true! Contact us today for more information on smart thermostats or to schedule an appointment!
  • Media air cleaners: Media air cleaners are able to filter out particles such as dander, pollen, and mold. They are placed on return air ducts, therefore preventing these particles from ever entering your home.
  • Electronic air cleaners: Like a media air cleaner, electronic cleaners filter out particles and allergens from the air. However, these filters also use electronically charged particles to zap smaller pollutants (like bacteria and mold).
  • UV light systems: UV light air cleaners act as sanitation stations for air. These lights can actually clean the air around them, ridding it of possibly dangerous particles like bacteria and viruses.
  • Whole house humidifiers: These humidifiers are installed directly into the ductwork of your home, and are also connected to your water supply system. This means any air that enters your home has a higher level of moisture.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors: A malfunctioning or broken carbon monoxide detector can put yourself and your family in grave danger in the case of an emergency. Courtney’s will inspect and repair your carbon monoxide detector, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

After Hours Service Available: Courtney’s Heating & Cooling has been offering after hours service since we opened our doors in 1977. We are just a phone call away when you need us day or night.

Reliable, Dependable, Prompt Sales & Service on all Makes and Models: Our licensed journeyman technicians are specialists in all phases of heating systems and are constantly updated on advanced service techniques by attending ongoing training seminars. We will provide you with top quality work completed in the shortest possible time.

Courtney’s Heating & Cooling is one of the largest and most experienced heating & cooling contractors in St. Louis. Due to our excellent reputation, manufacturers are knocking on our door everyday to purchase their products. However, we only choose the equipment that we feel is the most reliable, the most durable, and the safest heating & cooling equipment in today’s market.

We Charge by the Job, Not by the Hour, Which Saves You Money: Our technician will come to your home or business in a fully stocked service van to thoroughly diagnose your system. Once we have diagnosed your system our service technician will tell you exactly what the repair cost will be before he starts the work.

Customer Reviews

“I’ve used Courtney’s for all of our HVAC maintenance and needs since we bought our house in 2012. They have installed new furnaces and AC coils and condensers for our home. They are always prompt, professional, and their work has always held up. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.” – D.A.

“I just had two new furnaces installed in another larger two-story home, and he also came to the site to help his team members and do a final quality assurance check & function check before Courtney’s was done with the work. John is one of those kind of professionals who you’re glad to see arrive on the scene — because he is *that good* at his work, and he is confidence inspiring to homeowners. ” – M.S.

“Very thorough. considerate, helpful and a true professiona.l. John went above and beyond to ex plain the problem ,possible solutions and even showed me pictures of my furnace. Outstanding customer service in all areas !! Thank you for sending John for my appointment.” – D.R.

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