Residential Zoning Systems

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Residential Zoning Systems

If you live with multiple people, like with roommates or a family, you’ve probably butted heads about the temperature inside. Maybe you like to keep it a little warmer than room temperature at 74ºF but your son is a basically a human space heater who wants the thermostat set to 65º. You could compromise and keep the house at 69º or 70º, but then neither of you will feel perfectly comfortable. Residential zoning is the answer that solves this problem by allowing you to control the temperature on a zone by zone basis. 

Zoning works by dividing your house into 2 or more zones where each zone will have control of the temperature within it. This system allows for maximum comfort for everyone because there can be multiple temperatures throughout the home. You could get as detailed as designating each bedroom its own zone, so each person can set their own thermostat or keep it simpler and split it by floor. 

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