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While everyone pays attention to the temperature in their home, much less attention is paid to the humidity. That’s really too bad because low humidity can have a lot of unpleasant effects and make your life pretty uncomfortable. A persistent cough that doesn’t go away, a bleeding nose, a sore throat, and dry, cracked, painful skin are among the effects of a humidity level in your home that’s too low.

In addition to these physical issues, low humidity can also lead to warped floors and baseboards in your home. And if you happen to have a piano that for some reason just won’t stay tuned, low humidity could well be the culprit.

The Solution to Low Humidity

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So, low humidity in your home can lead to a host of problems, and one solution homeowners sometimes resort to is a one-room humidifier. That certainly can provide some relief in that particular room, but at best this is a band-aid approach to the problem of low humidity.

A much better solution is the installation of a whole-house humidifying system by the indoor air quality experts at Courtney’s Heating & Cooling.

Here are a few of the benefits of whole-house humidity control.

  • Automatic control of the humidity level – This, of course, is the obvious benefit. With a whole-house humidifying system, you can set the humidity to the desired level, and uncomfortable dry air becomes a thing of the past!
  • A healthier environment – For most, a relative humidity level of 35-45% seems to be the most beneficial. Moisture-rich air in this range has been shown to reduce the likelihood of things like dry skin, sore throats, itchy eyes, and respiratory issues, among others.
  • Protects your home and possessions – Maintaining a satisfactory humidity level in your home can help protect and preserve things like wood floors and baseboards, furniture, and that cherished family piano.

What Type of Humidifier?

If you think you could benefit from a whole-house humidifying system, that raises the question of what kind of system, as several options are available.

At Courtney’s Heating & Cooling, we favor using a flow-through humidifying system, also known as a moisture pad humidifier. Without getting too technical on you, this type system uses an evaporator pad along with warm air to humidify your home. The system is mounted onto your furnace and is also attached to your water source. This water flows through the unit before it gradually drains away.

The benefits of a flow-through humidifier include:

  • Very high reliability
  • More hygienic than other systems because their there’s no water reservoir to collect mold and mildew
  • Use less electricity than other systems
  • Improves the marketability of your home, if you decide to sell

If you think a flow-through home humidifier system is right for you, contact Courtney’s Heating and Cooling today to schedule a free estimate. We’ve been assisting families with HVAC services in Jefferson County, Missouri and surrounding areas with our install services for over 40 years, and we’d like the opportunity to serve you as well.

Customer Reviews

“The technician was very helpful and took care of the tune up on our hot water boiler system and explained all the services performed.” M.G.

“Thank you Tom B, Dan M and Matthew T for a very professional install of my AC, water heater and air handler. They were all very courteous, professional and skilled in their work. I would give them more than 5 starts if available oi this review. They are welcome in our home anytime. See you men in the Fall for my furnace check up!” – C.B.

“Sam serviced our furnace today and once again was a great technician to have work in our home. He pointed out the leaking water heater which I forgot to mention to him. He explained the service required thoroughly and mentioned other things that should be done to help prevent it from happening again since we’ve been through this repair a few years ago. He is a very professional technician and we always are happy to see him on the job.” – C.M.

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