Ductwork Modifications

Improperly sized ducts could be causing your HVAC problems

Ductwork Modifications

If it seems like your heating or cooling system takes way too long to do its job of adjusting the temperature in your home, the problem could be that the ductwork is improperly sized. To put this in context, imagine a USPS truck (your furnace) trying to deliver a package (the heat) to its destination by a certain time. This task seems fairly easy and shouldn’t take too long with the normal route that includes a 4 lane highway. Now imagine that 3 out of those 4 lanes on the highway are closed, but the USPS truck still needs to deliver the package on time. In this scenario, it will take the USPS truck much more time and effort to do its job because the highway (the ducts) is now too small, meaning the package will be delivered late. 

This scenario illustrates what happens in your home if your ductwork isn’t the proper size. Fixing this problem requires building out the ductwork, so that it can transport larger volumes of heat and air more efficiently. We are able to custom-make sheet metal ductwork as well as install it quickly and professionally.

Customer Reviews

“They were able to clean the ductwork Tuesday, and by 7pm Wednesday installed a new furnace and air conditioner!” V.S.

“Friendly knowledgeable and generally helpful…  for 15 feet of ducting.” C.M.

“Mark is an awesome service man. He was on time, courteous and knowledgeable. Great job!” E.N.

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