Ceiling Saver Kit

Safeguard your home against flash floods, leaks, and AC malfunction

What Can The Ceiling Saver Kit Do For Your Home and Health?

  • Catches any potential leaks from your air conditioner unit in a custom fabricated pan.
  • Automatically turns off your air conditioner if it is leaking.
  • Saves you from unwanted moisture and condensation from a leaky air conditioner.

What is the Ceiling Saver Kit?

In addition to cooling the air in your home, an AC unit also extracts moisture from the air, dehumidifying the environment and making it more comfortable for you. But what happens to all that collected moisture? Once it condenses, it gets drained out through a hose or pipe outdoors. If your AC system is located in your attic, this can pose serious problems because if the condensate drain line ever clogs, the condensation will overflow from your air conditioner and onto your ceiling. With enough liquid sitting there, it could cause a leak, meaning you’d need to have your ceiling repaired. 

Enter the Ceiling Saver Kit: it catches any potential leaks in a pan made specifically to fit your space and comes with a separate drain line to protect your ceiling from leaks. Even if you’ve got a brand new AC that you don’t think is going to leak anytime soon, a flash flood or other severe storm could cause roof damage leading to a different kind of leak, but the Ceiling Saver Kit would still be helpful in this situation! Put your mind at ease and let costly ceiling repairs be the last of your worries with the Ceiling Saver Kit.

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