The Truths and Falsehoods, Dos and Don’ts:

CO alarms can detect unacceptable levels of CO in the air TRUE

CO alarms can indicate potential health concern before a person might experience symptoms TRUE

CO alarms can detect smoke, propane leaks, or natural gas FALSE

CO alarms can constantly monitor the carbon monoxide levels in the air TRUE

CO alarms can last forever and don’t need to be maintained FALSE

CO alarms can work without a source of electricity FALSE

CO alarms can only detect CO that reaches the device TRUE


Because of this, the placement of your carbon monoxide alarm is extremely important.

  • DO place it near a bedroom or other frequented location 
  • DO make sure it can be heard
  • DO keep it in a location that gets air circulation and is centralized
  • DON’T place it in a garage, near a stove, or in a hot area like a furnace room.
  • DON’T place it anywhere that is prone to excessive heat, cold, wetness, or dryness 
  • DON’T cover the alarm with fabric, plastic, or anything else that could block the sensor